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Для катера 9 -12 метров

Катер 30 - 45 футов без использования генератора

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Unlimited power
All the onboard comfort you need, sufficient power for both the navigation and the communication equipment and fully air conditioned. All of that without a generator. That is what WhisperPower can do. We deliver systems based on advanced, safe and proven Lithium ION batteries connected to the DC PowerCube charging systems which are able to quickly charge the batteries whenever 230 VAC - 50 Hz or 120 VAC - 60 Hz is available. The AC PowerCube inverter takes care of providing that welcome cup of coffee, cool air and all your other comforts.

Примерная таблица нагрузок по переменному и постоянному току на борту катера 9-12 метров


Single line диаграмма электрической системы для катера 9 -12 метров без генератора

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