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Схема для катера 6-10 метров с генератором

Катер 20 - 35 футов-10 с использование дизельного генератора

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Essential Comfort
Our Basic system is perfect for sail or motor yachts from 20 - 35ft. The system provides more than enough electricity for several 12 VDC consumers, while 2 or 3 separate batteries can be charged (starter, service and bow thruster), and it even offers a 230 VAC outlet for devices such as a Nespresso machine, smart phone chargers, laptop etc. The Basic system can be extended with a Genverter Piccolo 4kW diesel generator. ©


Примерная таблица нагрузок по переменному и постоянному току на борту небольшого катера

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Single line диаграмма электрической системы катера 6 -10 метров с генератором

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